About Me

About Me Assignments Final Project Fab Lab 2017
About Me Assignments Final Project Fab lab 2017

Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui

Computer Sceience Web Engineering Mobile Application Communication

Most ambitious thing in life is to set a goal and get prepare to accomplish it, with this inspiration I am here with my targets and assignments and I am hopefull with the team which is supervising me will take me to the completion of my tasks.

My name is Nisar and currently I am working as a Lecturer in the department of Computer Science of Sukkur IBA since 2014. The field of Robots and 3D Printing always piqued my interest, though I have never worked in this field, but I am curious to get more and more experties as I can in this field.

With that goal in mind I Joined Fab Lab Barcelona, a place of my dreams to work on most of the fields which I desire and gain experience under the supervision of such super talented and hardworking team and trainers.