Final Project: Concept...


Facing computer screens for almost 20 hours per day by myself outlines an anti social person at it's best. I choose to face my computers instead of human. I live alone; there is nothing for me to look foward to besides that few other computer screens. this is especially depressing, to face the 4 walls and computer screens after office hours. I might be lead into depression without even realizing it.

I have conceptualized and devised an apparatus to keep my sanity in check. one form of theraphy i enjoyed is cooking; for myself of course. The long hours spent at kitchen observing the temperature and timing is not something i am willing to do. To make the matter worst, the anxiety kicks in when i want to get the assurance that the cooking process is done in perfection. the tell tale sign is when i am pacing back and forth between the kitchen and my computers. Sometimes, the desire of wanting to get out of the office to go back home to check on the cooking progress is so strong, i am split between two worlds and would just procrastinate. having said the above, the matter of fact is: nothing is being cooked in the kitchen.

concept, artist impression, and imagineer realization

The following diagram describes the devised apparatus. It consist of a probe as the input, an internet enabled microcontroller, and the output is a to switch the state of the electrical appliance. The devised apparatus will sit in between a regular AC appliance such as a electric hotpot, and a regular AC wall face plate. The top LHS describes the arrangement. Functionality wise, the probe will record data with the use of a sensor, such as a temperature sensor. The data will be send to the the internet, presumably on a web server of somesort. The state of the electrical appliance can be switched from true to false vice versa with the relay as the output.

This device is a placeholder for me to have something to look forward to after office hours. At anytime when anxiety described above strikes, the sensor data collected at the server will serves as anxiety suppressor, convincing me the reality of everything is in check (assuming the correctness of such data reporting apparatus). At any time i would want to flip the state of the AC appliance, it is possible with the connected output.

If time and money permits, I could have as many of such devices connected to any AC faceplate. who knows, the next thing i will be obsessed or fixated with. the top RHS in the first diagram describes such arrangments.

The lower LHS describes the stuffings. it consist of a ESP8266 microcontroller, sensor as an input, and relay as an output. I will be retrofitting a regular and standard approved AC faceplate described in the picture below.

the lower RHS describes the 3D concept art to be used with the AC faceplate mentioned above. The 2D sketches with dimensions that will be used in a CAD software for realizing the physical item.


well it might not be the prettiest thing so far. it is most important to push out the boat.