This is me in my techno mohawk

I still remember vividly, the toy spaceship I made with wooden cloth pegs when I was 9. That’s the nett effect of staring with envy at my classmate’s Yamato Spaceship and the burning desire to own one. Perhaps the inherent situation where one was deprived of store bought toys have trained my naked eyes to spot for broken toys discarded by their previous owners, and my fix-it attitude. At that time, cello-tape and super glue were my calling. Old habits die hard, I know.

Digital fabrication techniques offer such a rare opportunity for people like me, one who could not cut a line perfectly straight. For once, the imagining part of my mind could be realized by accessing FabLab@SP ; The tools, machines, know-how, and gurus’ are the enablers for any budding “imagineers”. I am sold.

My background is in Computer Engineering; generally anything that deals with computing interest me. I teach at School of EEE one of the 10 academic schools in Singapore Polytechnic

Thank you for witnessing my journey in Fab Academy. #WitnessMe

If you need to contact me, please find the details in the contact page.

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