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About Me


I am Zhiwei Yu, you can also call me Vincent. I am now a master student in Embedded System. I like creative stuff, always curious about new things. I have ever invented an intelligent rental system for umbrellas(very similar to the bike rental system..) with my friends, it has been produced and deployed in my home university. It was very porpular used around 1500 times per month. I am enjoy with fabrications, that's why I am here join this huge activity.

Email: vt.y@qq.com

Weekly works...


Git; Website set up; Final project idea
Week 2 Computer-aided design .
Week 3 Computer-controlled cutting
Week 4 Electronics production
Week 5 3D scanning and printing
Week 6 electronics design
Week 8:Embedded Programming.
Week 9-10:group work
Week 11:input devices
Week 12:molding and casting
Week 13:output devices
Week 14:composites
Week 15:networking and communications
Week 16:interface and application programming
Week 17:applications and implications
Week 18:invention, intellectual property, and income
Week19: project development



I have a basic idea about a 'Intelligent Signature pen', which will be a pen can recognize who are you after you signing your name.

Everybody knows that signature is widely used in different cases where identity authentication needed, like POS machines from bank. My proposal is building a smart pen with sensors like accelerator, gyro and pressure sensor, recording the movement and other features while writing. Everyone has different features, and it's impossible to imitate. Then we can tell the difference by using a specially designed algorithm which could compare you features to the database. Then it would be super cool, when you signing some document, the pen will know are you really you, nobody could pretend to you. And it has a bright future to be used in other context.

----------This Idea has been given up--------

New Project: The laser gun

Then I have another idea that is make an laser gun shooting game. Final Project Page