Su Hyun Kim

Fab Academy 2016

About Me

Su Hyun Kim, Media Artist, Exploring the field of experimental media art.

"I use technologies such as computer graphics, 3D generating program and physical installation. These technologies help me to explore the perception of self-consciousness in everyday life, while it in turn is constantly reflected and hidden."


Weekly Assignments

Project 1

Principle and practices, project management, 27th of January

Project 2

Computer-aided design, 3rd of February

Project 3

Computer-controlled cutting, 10th pf February

Project 4

Electronics production, 17th of February

Project 5

3D scanning and printing, 24th of February

Project 6

Electronics Design, 2nd of March

Project 7

Computer-controlled machining, 9th of March

Project 8

Embedded Programming, 16th of March

Project 9

Mechanical design, machine design, 23rd of March

Project 10

Machine presentations,6th of April

Project 11

Input device, 13th of March

Project 12

Molding and casting,20th of March

Project 13

Output devices,27th of April

Project 14

Composites, 4th of May

Project 15

Networking and communications, 11th of May

Project 16

Interface and application programming, 18th of May

Project 17

Applications and implications, 25th of May

Project 18

Invention, intellectual property, and income, 1st of June

Project 19

Project development, 8th of June

Final Project

Final Project for Fab Academy 2016

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