Apr 27, 2016

This week's assignments are to add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and to program it to do something.

13-1.Board design

First, I designed a board. For this assignment I choose the speaker. And I used this data as reference.
Data > hello.speaker.45.png

I created a schematic with Eagle that is PCB Design Software.
Components that I used are as follows.
- ATtiny45 x1
- 0.1A/5V Regulator x1
- 1uf Capacitor x1
- 2x2 Pinheads connector x3
- 10k Resistor x1
Next, I designed a board. The drawing of a board went through some changes, that finally resulted in this.
Then I saved the file as a monochrome png with 1000 dpi.
png Data > output_trace_160503.png / output_hole_160503.png / output_cut_160503.png
Eagle Data > 160503_2.sch / 160503_2.brd


I cut a board with the setting mentioned above.
Then I soldered components. And I attached the terminal of the speaker inside this red circle.

13-3.Programming the board to do 'something'

I used following Neil's program.
Data > hello.speaker.45.c / hello.speaker.45.make

And I programed this code by using AVR.

Finally I completed the programming of that, and a speaker sounded melody.
But that sound is very small! So I made a board twice. However the volume of sound remained small...;(