Apr 13, 2016

This week's assignment is measuring something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board that you have designed and read it.

Software :Eagle (MacOSX) > Fabmodule (ubuntu)
CNC Milling machine : Roland MODELA MDX-20

11-1.Board design

For this assignment I choose a force sensor. And I used the data of temperature sensor as reference.
Data > hello.temp.45.png
(I bought a force sensorr at 秋月(Akizuki).)

I created a schematic with Eagle that is PCB Design Software. I replaced temperature sensor of the reference data with force sensor.
After that, I designed a board and save files as monochrome png data with 1000dpi.
png Data > input_150503_cut.png , input_150503_trace.png
Eagle Data > 160503.sch , 160503.brd

And Components that I used are as follows.
- ATtiny45 x1
- 6 Pin SMD Type Male Headers
- 1uf Capacitor x1
- Attiny45 x1
- 3x2 Pinheads connector x1
- 10k Resistor x4
- Force sensor x1


Next, I milled a board with CNC milling machine. I processed it in reference to the assignment of Week04.

It is recommended to collect components in this way.

Then, I soldered components and I colored lines. In this way, the position of a power supply and the ground became easy to find.(and cute!)

11-3.Measuring 'something'

I used following Neil's program.
Data > hello.temp.45.c / hello.temp.45.make

And I programed this code by using AVR.

Because I used a program of temperature sensor, it reacts to weak power immediately.