Mar 30, 2016

This week's assignment is making a machine that includes the end effector and building the passive parts and operating it manually.
At this assignment, my contribution is mechanical design.

09-1.Thinking the idea

First, we considered what we made. When we were watching videos, we found this "Apple peeler machine"! It's so funny!

So, we broke up this machine to understand its mechanism.

There are some techniques to cut a Japanese radish. (e.g., wig directions)
We decided to make the automatic radish peeler which can reproduce such techniques.
*Idea Sketch
I want to move a blade parallel to radish.


Then, I made a trial product in reference to this page. But, because I was unsatisfied, I decided to design it again.

09-3.Designing the machine

Software: Rhinoceros (MacOSX)
3Dprinter: MakerBot Replicator2

I designed this!

It was difficult to design the module of cutter(Green one)...
Rhinoceros Data > mtm_160426_2.3dm

The process is as follows.
The purple module is case of motor, and the green part turns. Japanese radish is attached here.
Because I designed a screw hole small, I expanded it with a drill.
I want to rearrange a module later. So I decided to use a pegboard as a base.
A rotaly module and the rail of the cutter were completed!
Next, I made a cutter module.
I tested it, but a blade has cut too much. So I tried to attach a commercial peeler.
A cutter module and a support module were completed!
Bearing is in the support module. And You can change the position of the support module when you turn a handle.
We did it!