Mar 3, 2016

This week I made an echo hello-world board. The assignment is redraw it. And add (at least) a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor), check the design rules, and make it.
But it was too difficult for me...;( So,I will work hard at practice.

Software :Eagle (MacOSX) > Fabmodule (ubuntu)
CNC Milling machine : Roland MODELA MDX-20
Schematic data: test_2_160309.sch
Board data: test_2_160309.brd

04-1. Eagle setup

I used PCB Design Software "Eagle".
Such a screen is displayed when you start software.
Put "fab.lbr" into the folder of "lbr". ( Application > Eagle > lbr )
Create new project "hello_echo_160308".

04-2. Schematic design

I redrew echo hello-world.
New > Schematic
Open the window of new schematic design.
When you select "Fab.lbr" on sidebar, you can see components.
In this assignment, I used these components.
- Attiny44
- 20MHz Resonater
- 1uf Capacitor
- 100 Resistor
- 10k Resistors
- Led
- Tactile Switch
- 6 Pin SMD Type Male Headers
- 6 Pin Right Angle Male Header
I selected required components and clicked "ADD". Then components were placed on the window of schematic design.
Various tools are prepared for the tool bar of the window of schematic design. And I often used these tools.

- Show: Show names and other details of objects and objects
- Display: It is often easier to maintain a good overview if some information is not shown.
- Move: Move for instance wires (lines or signal tracks).
- Delete: Delete objects with this command.
- Wire: Draw lines.
- Text:  With the TEXT command you place the texts.
- Arc: Draw arcs.
- Junction: Draw intersection.
- Label: Rename components.
I added a button and LED to my board.
( Schematic data > test_2_160309.sch )

04-3. Board Design

Next, I clicked "Generate/switch to board", and drew a new board data.

A board was completed!
I was particular about designing without jumper wire.
I drew an image for cutout using the tool of "polygon".
Left: Trace / Right: Cut out
I saved each data as png data.
The detailed records are as follows.
Photos > [FabAcademy2016] Week06

04-4. Assemble

The data I used are these.
Data > cutout: work06_160309_cutout.png, trace: work06_160309_trace.png

I processed it in reference to the assignment of Week04.
And paths are displayed when you set "offsets" for "-1" and click "make .path". (※"Offsets" is set-point of the line which the end mill paths on. It is usually "-1".)
I soldered components and completed!