Feb 10, 2016

03-1.Test cuts with the Laser Cutter

In "Press-fit Construction", pieces must fit together without using glue, nails, screws or other fasteners. So, I have to check characteristic of the Laser cutter at first.
Then, I made this gage with MDF. It was found from the result that pieces must be designed smaller than origin data.(Around 0.05mm)
Data > pressfit_checksheet.svg

03-2. Making Press Fit Construction Kit with the Laser Cutter

One of my personal project is "Making omni wheel only with one material".

Left: Wheel stool !!! / Right: Wheel stool !!! ver.02
(※Plastic, metal and glue are not used.)

I made "Wheel stool" for TenkaizuBudokai 3rd (Stool contest at Ogaki Mini Maker 2014) while getting advice from our lab's users. > Making Process
However, wheels of the leg of this stool are very weak. So, I designed them again.
MDF(W:450mm/H:300mm/D:2.5mm) 2sheets
Software : Rhinoceros >MacOSX Adobe Illustrator CS5
Laser cutting machine : trotec speedy100 (Power:42%, Speed:1.0%)
[Design Process]
1.Make the benchmark (Adobe Illustrator CS5)
I made the benchmark to decide the the processing numerical value of the laser cutter.

2.Think new design
This is a wheel of "Wheel Stool !!!". (Because it is the data of an old version, the inside consists of the gear...)

I want to let the wheel of right and left link!

3.Revise 3D model (Rhinoceros MacOSX)

Make rectangular
Boolean Difference
Make circle
Make rectangular
Make circle and Join

Rhinoceros Data > wheel_ver2.3dm

4.Laser cutting (trotec speedy 100)
Material > MDF(W:450mm/H:300mm/D:2.5mm)
Parameter > Power42%/Speed1.0%
Data > wheel_cut_data_160216.svg

The creating procedure is as follows.
Big images are here > MDF omni wheel (Instructables)

It worked!

7.Try making parametrical design
I tried using Rhinoceros's command "Block" that similar with Inkscape's function "Clone".
I commanded "Block" and selected a reference object. Then I named this Block's task "para_test".
Objects are copied and pasted. I selected a reference object and entered "Command: Explode". Then I transformed it.
I entered "Command: Block" and selected Block's task "para_test". And then forms of all objects changed.
I was able to change form in this way.
Rhinoceros Data > para.3dm
1.Press-Fit Construction Tips

03-3.Using the Vinyl Cutter

I made paper ornaments with a Japanese paper.
The vinyl cutter I used is silhouette CAMEO.

- Saving format:.dxf
- Blade: 6
- Thickness: 33
- Speed: 3
Data > paper_ornament.dxf


Such ornaments are completed when put 12 pieces of parts together.

When use the vinyl cutter, a lot of garbage is produced.
Because it was a waste of these garbage, I reused it.
(But this has no relation to the assignment...)

First, tear paper to pieces and dip it into the water.

Then put them in the blender.

Make molds with Polypropylene plate(T:1.0mm) and Acrylic plate(T:2.0mm).
Data > Polypropylene plate: pp_test_23.svg / Acrylic plate: acrylic_test.svg

Put molds in the bat which is filled with water and stuff molds with paper stock.

Put it on the towel, and press it by a block that is made of acrylic plate(T:5.0mm).
Data > acrylic5_test.svg

Remove molds.

I did it!

I made some prototype of the base.
Data > Left: pp_test_19.svg / Right: pp_test_20.svg

Data > Left: pp_test_21.svg / Right: pp_test_22.svg

Data > Left: pp_test_23.svg / Right: pp_test_24.svg

Additionally, I designed a kit to make original paper.
In the future, I'm going to hold workshop with this kit.
Data >
- 3Dprinting: wdws_kit_3dp.stl
- Acrylic plate(T:2.0mm): wdws_kit_acrylic2.svg
- Acrylic plate(T:5.0mm): wdws_kit_acrylic5.svg
- Polypropylene plate (T:1.0mm): wdws_kit_pp.svg