Feb 03, 2016

In this week, I gathered some pieces of information of software.

02-1. 2D, 2.5D design / Raster

[Adobe Photoshop CS5 (MacOX)]

I usually use this software to retouch photos.
This time, I used astropad not a mouse.
This is application to make it possible to use iPad like a pen tablet.

Not only the connection in wifi but also the connection by the USB is possible.
So, the operation of this application is very fluent!

Make a new file and layout the picture for composition.

Make a draft of idea sketch with high color of the luminosity.

Add layer and make a fair copy.

Make copy & paste and put out an unnecessary part.

Photoshop Data > test_photoshop.psd
As for Photoshop, a point to be able to revise a photograph is convenient while drawing a picture.

[The software which I want to use in future]
 - FREE sketching and painting program. It seems to be suitable for drawing illustration, comic and conceptual art.
- A software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It seems to be usable for simple image transformation.

02-2. 2D, 2.5D design / Vector

[Adobe Illustrator CS5 (MacOSX)]

Illustrator is the software I use most frequently.
But, I usually use it for making DTP, so I don't have enough experience of drawing idea sketch.
Load the picture for composition and draw draft on new layer.

Draw a front elevation of the product.

Paint over.

"Effect" > "3D" > "Pushing out / Bevel"

Put out an unnecessary part.

Make copy & paste and coordinate luminosity.
Illustrator Data > illustrator_test.ai
Because I have not been able to yet get an art, I train from now on.

[The software which I want to use in future]
 - A free Open Source CAD application. Because I have not used the 2DCAD software, I want to practice.

02-3. 3D design


Open the template "Small object / mm".

Draw a front elevation of the product.

Regulate shapes.

Command: Extrude Crv

Command: Fillet edge

I did it!
Rhinoceros data > rc_test.3dm

I do training of the rendering!

[The software which I want to use in future]
 - This is open source software that works on the browser. A parametric design mode seems to be fun!
2.123D Sculpt+
 - You can model it like clay work. I want to model something with a pen tablet.