Jan 27, 2016

01-1.Developing my website

L:Idea sketch of website / R:Screen of "CotEditor"
During this first week, I tried developing my website using text editor for Mac, "CotEditor".
I used these website below as reference, because I don't have enough experience of developing the website.
1.TAG index

01-2.Planning final project

"The module to hand down techniques of craftsman"

I want many people to experience of making Japanese paper, so I'll make the module to hand down techniques of craftsman.

Idea sketch of final project / Assumption of utilization
Idea sketch of final project / Specification
My theme of project at FabLab SENDAI is "The collaboration between digital fabrication and (traditional)crafts, materials, techniques". And, this project’s mission is thinking about “the future of making things” that is based on traditional crafts, materials and techniques. The reason why we focus on that mission, handcrafts are one of a primary industry in Tohoku, therefore we decided this mission to make use of background of Tohoku. (FabLab SENDAI is located in Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture. Our area is called “Tohoku”.)

Especially, I focus on “Shiroishi-Washi” that had been made in Shiroishi-city located south area of Miyagi prefecture. But, In April 2015, "Shiroishi-Washi" came to an end due to a lack of successors. So I'm trying to succeed to the technique about the “Shiroishi-Washi”, using a digital technology.