CNC Peeling Machine



"CON-SIDER" is the machine peeling skin of vegitables and fruits with two stepper motors (one for rotation, another for liner movement). It's like CNC lathe but it uses peeler instead of endmill.
At this time, we set Daikon(Japanese White Radish) as test piece to test the machine.

two motors are contorlled by the gestalt boards and it change its movements depends on length of radish and width of blade of peeler.
Also, it's possible to activate "CON-SIDER" by original App on a smartphone through RPC commands.


A Pegboard is used as base for the machine and each unit fixed to the base with screws. So the layout of units are easy to change if it's needed. For example, Changing direction of movement, replacing broken units and introducing new unit to the base.
More information can be found in Shino's archive


By using RPC commands of gestalt, the machine can be controlled from a app running on a smartphone. By the app, user can set configaration (Length of radish, width of peeler and number of cycles) and then, can make machine run.

What's Next ?

Coming Soon...