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Week 6 Assignment: Electronics Design


               1.-Redraw the echo hello-world board.

               2.-Add (at least) a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor)

Redraw the echo hello world board

For this assignment, I draw everything from zero for a total new board with a led, a relay (with transistor activation and clamps for external connection), external feeding (with a 7805), reset button, button for digital imput, isp connection, 3 pins for a servomotor, 2

I designed my board with Eagle software. This software have a lot of tools for design a board and route the components

First I added the components I was going to need. Clicking on the button indicated with the red arrow is going to open the window shown in the image, in the windo you can search the component you require. in this image I was searching a resistor

I had problems distinguish between a superficial and a through hole component.

I realized that a superficial component have red paths and a through hole component have green dots that indicate a drill.

Once I had all my components in the board, I indicate a signal with the button pointed for the red arrow.


This "signals" help me have a whole view of the board and place the component.


When I had all the signals in the components, I started to connect them with the wire tool indicated in the image with a red arrow.

Can select the layer of the path with the button pointed with the yellow arrow

Also can select the size of the path with the option in the green arrow.

With the button indicated, can select which layers show and which don't

When i finished my design, I exported the images for the modela machine, but before i had to apply a mirror because the paths are in the bottom layer.


For apply the mirror tool first select all the components with the group button, then select the mirror button and right click on any component of the group and click "mirror:group" as shown in the images:

I learn in the electronic production that the modela machine withe paths with black background, and cut the edge in black with withe.


Can change the background color in options/User interface/background

For export the image click on file/export/image and it´s going to open the window shown in the image.

In order to have a good image for the modela machine, set the resolution at 2400 dpi, check monochrome,  Area: full.

The next steps are in the week 4 assignment "electronic production". (machining, drilling, soldering, programming, etc)