LESSON TEME: Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

  Figure [1] is my presentation slide. Explanation Materials for my final project is here (slide /video. The details of final project is here

web site page
[1] Presentation Slide for My Final Project

Plan for Dissemination

  I open the CAD files and Procedure to develop my DIY electric board so that all maker can develop the board and share the knowledge of each electronic part.

* Licence to Use

The license of my project is CC-BY (Creative Commons 4.0). This is a kind of open license. So Anyone can reuse all of my publishing data containg the CAD design data and the programming codes with my name "Kosuke Kaneko".

* Distribution Channel

I'm planing to make two types of distribution channel: one is to use Internet and the other is to use my local maker community. The method of internet distribution is to publish the article how to make the skateboard and to make a web page to be able to download the data files in my website. The other way of using my community is that I explain my experiences of Fab Academy to my makers community members. In the explanation, of course, I also talk about my final project and how to make it. I have frequenty organized a maker event such as a hackathon, seminar, exhibition and so on. I explain them in these events and exhibit the skateboard in exhibition event like a Maker Faire. These local communities with face-to-face relationship is very good place to tell and distribute my experiences.

* Life Cycle of the Product

In the case that I sell the skateboard, I have to obtain money to make the product. So, I submit the product to a Crowdfunding service such as "MAKUAKE". I prepare the product management plan and promotion materials to attract funding members. When I obtain the money, then I start to make the product. When I produce a large quantity of the skateboard, I have to reduce the invention cost. The reducible part of the cost is to make the electronic board and importing cost of other electronic parts. To achieve an effective management, it maybe better to send my electronic design to a Chinese company and order the electronic board. In a case of producing a large scale order, these method is better than using a milling machine in local Fablab. Also, I imported most parts of my final product from China. I separately imported them for several times. So, the tolal ammount of the importing cost became very expensive. So, probably, it maybe better to build them in overseas country and import the built product at once. Then, I sell the product and obtain money to sustain the production cycle. In that case, I will ask my maker's community as management team to support the production and management.