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Fab Academy 2016

Final Project:Seeya (Electronic mouse trap)

After shuttling between a few ideas for the final project, I decided to stick with a rather simple project which I can do from scratch by making use of almost all the equipments available in FabLab.

I have a phobia for rats and I occasionally have to deal with rat problems at the store room of my house. We have a large 100 year old abandoned kerala-style mansion next to my house which is home to at least a dozen of rats. No matter how much we try to get rid of rats, some rats still seems to figure out some way to migrate from there to the store room of my house.


I am hoping to find a solution to this problem by building an electronic mouse trap during my Fab Academy period. The final product is expected to look like a cute portable mini-dog house. And this cute little thing will trap rats/mouse. No mice shall be hurt/killed with this device. This device is meant only to trap rats. More details about the project including 2D and 3D designs of the same shall be updated in the coming days.


Unlike conventional mechanical mouse trap, This mouse traps uses a PIR sensor which detects the motion of the mouse inside and triggers the door closure with the help of a servo motor. I am looking forward to implement most oof the things I learned in Fab Academy while doing this project. I am planning on completing this project by including the followin processes.

Project Video

Project Slide