Yann Even Fab Academy 2016

The final project (Development)

These last years, I had to use different kind of mechanisms which could rise or move objects on a theater stage.
A very specific demand needs a very specific tool and the demand is always different. That's why I need machinery who provides a multipurpose smooth and easily controlable movements.
I have done several tests and experimentations, including servomotors, magnets, RC, winch and string...
I'm still dreaming about a smart, multi purpose, versatile and secured machinery, so ...
Let's make it !
I choose this kind of project (even if the concept is basic), because I want to work the process of production.
Conception, optimization, efficiency, flexibility, design are the subjects I want to deal with.

We'll call it : SmartMachinery

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words...

I used a strange wooden tool called "pencil" and paper...

Ideas to start:

  • Using step motor, to combine precision and torque.
  • A wireless connection to modify easily moves on stage before the show.
  • A wired DMX connection, to be fully compatible and integrated with performance technology and for the safety of symmetric link during the show.
  • A modular architecture which allows to use different kind of mechanical with the same electronic unit.(option)

  • Issues to resolve:

  • Developing application fonctioning with IOS wich is very popular in theater.
  • Build a machine very quiet, silence is beautiful.
  • and more...

  • Here's the first step of 3D modelling with

    And a drawing of the connection panel with Sketchup and render with Maxwell.

    After few weeks, the project seems to be more like that:


    I started with the connections and display panel. I used Inkscape and the laser.

    This is the first test with cardboard.

    And a second one with painted 3mm MDF.

    Finally, I changed my mind and added Four switches and used hammered gray paint.

    ShopBot !!
    Oups, it's too late... I missed the mill. Glueing the plywood

    A classic convectional cooling system above the power supply, it should be enough.

    Holes from screws filled with Coachbuilder's filler, and first primer surfacer.

    Here's the hammered paint, I mix two different colors to obtain this shade of blue. I used air gun .

    It is time to integrate the display and the connecting panel.

    Mounting the stepper and the driver.

    Wiring is a mess and I want to make something clean. I used hot glue to tame the wires.

    You know what? : I like it !

    Now, the pulley, 3D printed with PLA, the middle part is 30 mm plywood milled with Shopbot.

    Glued with Epoxy and screwed.

    The metal support axle is coming from an old laser printer found in the trash.

    And Finally, the code:

    I'm running out of time, more comments will coming soon...

    To conclude:

    In order to track my progress,I need to reply some questions: