Assignment: Propose a machine design with at least one axis, define and divide tasks among members of your group, automate your machine. Document your individual contribution and also as a group on your lab page.

Team from Ajaccio: Lucia Simeoni - Frithjof Kuntze - Gerard Bandini - Yann Even

Introduction: For this two weeks, we decide to make a drawing machine capable of writing and drawing. The XY travel (printable area) of the machine is 30x30cm. It can work with any paper up to and including that size, including envelopes, note cards and why not cookies (with a food pen). You can also use implements that aren't pens, such as pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and many others. Now, the challenge is to bring together our diverse skills, for make the drawing machine!

• And now we need to:
Programmation: Frithjof
Mechanism/Structure: Gerard and Yann
Electronics: Yann
3D model: Lucia and Gerard
Design: Lucia
Build the machine: The Team
Interface: Frithjof
Document the project for the group: Lucia

• Equipment and software used:

Materials: MTM KIT - BOM

Extra material: Plexi, Plywood, Piece of CD player, Acrylic, ABS,

Software: Illustrator, Inkscape, Sketchup, FreeCAD, Repetier Host, Cura, TracFoil, SolidWorks, VCarve, Premiere Pro

Machine: Laser cutting, Mini CNC,

Problems: 1/ problems with the size of our structure, especially at the interlockings. 2/ In the kit, a metal rod has a different diameter than the other. Is it a joke???????????????? 3/ For put the pen on the machine, we would like to use a servomoteur but the electronic maps don't support it so we use a piece of an old Player CD (rest in peace dude).

Useful links: mechanical design - Machine Design - Machine that makes- AXIDRAW

Files: Sketch - 3D model - Laser cutting 1- Laser cutting 2- AXES 1- AXES 2- CARRIAGE NOTCHES- PENHOLDER- PENHOLDER SUPPORT- PEN TUBE

Part 1 - Mechanical Design

  1. • Brainstorming:

    First of all, we wanted a machine for the FabLabAjaccio. Something that could be useful to the users of the FabLab. Quickly, Frithjof propose the drawing machine. And Yann wants a machine with the ability to write too. Okay great. We all agree for this machine! We are inspired by the AXIDRAW machine. So... Leeeeeet's goooo!

    • We start with sketch:

    The idea is to create two axes (XY). Each axes is compound of 3 metallic rods, which form a triangle. We thought it would be better for the stability.

    • The final sketch:

    • The 3D model:

    • It's time to build:

    Yann and Gerard start with the kit. So, quickly we have our basical structure. Then, Lucia cut the feet with the laser cutting for make prototype. During this time, Gerard design the "penholder" with the help of a piece of cd player. Yann and Gerard made drilling, sanding and painting :D. Yann cut the final feet with the CNC and make a FabNet board. Meanwhile Frithjof tries to move the mechanism (but this is more explain in a second part).
    Focus on Gerard: How he made the pen holder? First of all, he removed an old cd player with the help of Marylin (the FabManager of FabLabAjaccio). Then, he sawed a portion of the optical unit to adapt the pen holder and gain a few millimeters. After that, he designed 3 pieces on FreeCAD: an adapter for attaching on the optical block, the pen holder himself and a tube in which drag different size of pen. The adapter was cut with the laser cutting into a black acrylic because it's such a simple piece that 3D printing was useless. The support and the tubes were printed in 3D.