Mechanical design and machine design

This assignment is a combination of assignment 9 and Assignment 11

After neil's class our instructor make a student group for this mechanical design assignment because this is group assignment.this is the time to exchange the knowledge between the team and make something best .so for this week our team decide that we will make wall paint xy plotter by using the spray gun.but we dont know the ecxact mechanism of xy plotter so we will decide first to did the siple xy plotter to understand the motor mechanism.

My Group

1.Arundhati Jadhav-Electronics engineear

2.Abhijeet Savant-Civil Engineear

3.Deepali Kamble-Mechanical Engineear

The group is combination of 3 different branch so we will learn alot from everyone.

Start of machine

understand the basic xy plotter concept

From friday we started our work .Abhijeet heard nadiyas lecture and at that time i visit some webpages of previous student of fab academy.then he explained us what nadiya told and at the final we decide to do first basic xy plotter for understand the motor mechanism.and after that we do the wall paint xy plotter.

This sketch is for simple xy plotter then according with this design we cut the plywood and we make the part.

I make the assembly of that part this is our x axis

then there is problem with the y axis me and abhijeet solve that assemble problem

wall bot

we have to make a wall bot means the x y plotter which paint the wall.The wallbot looks like this.we are confuse in design first we thought that we want 2 motor and 2 pully ,then only 2 motor with pully ,no any frame is required for our design.

i use the scrapp material for making the the simple xy plotter

I make some design in solid works that how i hang our motor on wall.

My contribution to this assignment


making assembly

Making slide for presentation

making the material list and purchasing the material


We planned out the electronics layout, we will be using 2 Stepper motors to make X and Y movement 1 solenoid/ servo motor to actuate the spray can/pen We would be commercial boards(arduino) in our case, as a lot of documentation is available on the internet about them 12 v power supply We will also consider using Fabnet board to connect to the nodes and also supply power 2 gesalt nodes to move the motors 12 v power supply for the fabnet board and solenoid

for controlling the motor we reqire the fabnet ,servo motor,gesaltboard

I mill the fabnet board and solder it for further electronics

this is the fabnet which is needed between gesalt and the there will be a lot of work to do so we will first make the whole elctronics and then we will continue with mechanical concept.

making assembly

in this I made the motor holder for my project in solid works me and abhijeet design then we cut it in acralic on laser cutter

then I will cut it on the laser cutter

material costing

Scope of improvement

The machine is frameless, in order for it to paint the wall we need to try out vaccum pads We have to do mechanical calculations such as pulley diameter, steps per revolutions and other things and update them in the firmware for better resolution of the machine.

The servo motor problem still persisits, we need to trouble shoot it in the firmware. Firmware editting is major scope for improvement, we have to explore every line in the firmware to know its end effect. Counterweights have to be accurately counted for better gripping of the belt The motor mounts and the penholder still lag stiffness and strenght, we need to redesign them

Making slide for presentation

In this I click the hero shot of my drawbot then I edit this in the photoshop I add some picture like fab academy logo etc this is my final slide of prentation

For see group work and final slide of our group project