This part is not in fab academy sheduled but because of fab academy I learn new things and I did these task.I increse my confidence level and also gain the money.

In vigyan ashram there is one section IBT (Introduction to basic tools).In this section they take different activity in school student from 8th to 10th standered.

In there activity they teach the student the 2d and 3d design software and for this task I went to the different school and I teach them 123d design software. I went to chas village then i went to the narayangaon and also to the bhor village and I teach that student these software,I learn this because of fabacademy and thas why I am able to take this.

After this in vigyan ashram there are number of summer workshop in that workshop I teached the scanning ,vinyl cutter ,designing and 3d printing

Thank you fab foundation for this best course structure

Basicaly I am from rural side so now my intrest is towords the develop the education system in rural areas using fab labs

Thank you fab foundation for design this course structure.