Project development

what is the deadline? How much time do I have left?

The deadline is 16june ,I have left only 8days for this

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Initially main aim was to make solar tracker for solar concentrator but its big task and 6 month was not enough for this so thats why Idecide that make a prototype of solar concentrator and make this system automated
Major completed project tasks are :
1.Collect the solar panel data and finalize actual need.

2.Drawn design in 2D and 3D.

3.Made final project prototype fabrication

4.Printed project parts on Laser cutter i.e casing for electronics and 3d printer i.e panel holder

5.input output board .I made the single board but in that I cover Input and output

Task remain are
assembly is remaining and tesing of tracker,weight balance is remained

how will I complete the remaining tasks in time?

Because of input and output assignment I make my own board and I know what logic I have to fix there programming,I need some data for that and whenever I got that data my electronics part is over.and side by side I worked on fabrication of stand and solar concentrator its fabrication is ready means the mirror are placed on the solar concentrator only the tesing part remaining in mechanical work

what has worked?

The solar concentrator is ready and its stand and elctronics board is ready until now only the tesing part is remain other things are done

what hasn't?

The mechanical part is over just balancing is remaining and elctronics programming code i test in number of times so slight changes is remainig according with data after that tesing is remaining

what questions still need to be resolved?

I have more difficulty at balancing the solar dish I tried alot but it goes upword but it comes again the back position ,but in this i need to balance it

what have you learned?

Time management is a MAIN thing in Fab Academy overall, not just the project. To learn, develop, try and make things work out and document all in one week was pretty big challenge.
Documentation has been always something important to me, I learned How to develop a neat clear documentation
self learning how much important that thing I realized in the fab academy.

I learned project management ,
3d printing ,
laser cutting ,
composite ,
elctronics design ,
milling the board ,

Bill of material

material list you can see here

The total cost of my project is Rs 2905 only and =40$

Project Plan was:

final project you can see here