Applications and Implications

My final project name is saur vedh it means that solar tracker.this is the prototype of sheffler if it is working then i used the tracking system for big sheffler.In this i increse the efficiency of final output heat.

what will it do?

saur vedh track the sun in whole day and according with this it moves the solar panel.

who's done what beforehand?

In market there is solar tracker available some of them are work with manually and some of them work with electronics automation.but there is near about equal cost user need to pay for solar tracker system. so it isnot affordable to people.There are mainly two types of input devices as sensor used for solar tracker first is ldr and second is solar panel.
if the tracker system based on ldr then it requiers external battry supply to drive the motor.and if tracker system based on solar panel then it doesnt required external supply for motor.

what materials and components will be required?

satellite dish-this works as the solar panel
mirror-it stick on the sattelite dish and make that surface as reflective.
motor-to drive the panel
super capacitor-store the charge for battary
photovoltaic cell-work as sensor and provide the energy to super capacitor.
sproket-motor connect to sproket and with the help of this panel move.

where will they come from?

I have used the componant from Fab-Inventory.Like electronics components for sense the sunlight and gives the signal to the hello board board and Fabrication of stand and holder for panel is done in fablab I will purchased Motor and super capacitor from electronics market.

how much will it cost?

Total system costs around- 2500/- rupees

what parts and systems will be made?

I made the senser board ,stand for satellite dish ,power supply and the motor and super capacitor i will bring from market

what processes will be used?

I tried to make a solar panel dish in composite assignment for that i used laser cutter parts and i assembled that parts.then i used the 3d printer for making the clips for photovoltaic cell.

what tasks need to be completed?

i made the sensor with the help of aurdino but it .cannot work on the hello board so i facing some troubleshoot.and i am confuse in tracking direction either i used single axis tracking or dual axis tracking

what questions need to be answered?

he has to reset the home position of solar panel at every night

what is the schedule?

1 feb -10 feb-study on previous solar tracker system
11 feb-27 feb-decide what type of tracker i have to made
1 march -15 march-taking solar panel reading of whole day
15 march -30 april-totaly focus on assignments
1 may-31 may- making dish with mirror
1 june to 12 june -programming of system

how will it be evaluated?

In regular system without tracking cheak the temp. and with tracking check the temp. my sytem temp. is avrage around 65 degree celcious

individual mastery of the skills covered

This is individual project I have used 3D designing,2d designing,
laser cutting,
Electronics designing,
Electronics programming,
Electronics production,
composite for making prototype of panel.
Used 3D printing for making clip for photovoltaic

In myproject I refer the no. of links and I made my project In my final project page everyone gives all the information for doing this project

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