Ubuntu install

This is my first week of fab academy.I have started intiatally with the setup of the LINUX in my Laptop. Firstly I go through following link and I study that how to install unbntu on windows 32 bit system.Until now we just work on the os but how that system install on laptop i knew in this week.I refer some video that describe how ubuntu install.


Then I start to downlod the ubuntu and follow the process for installation

After download there was problem with space because it reqirs the 3GB space but in my windows all drives are full so I need to create the new drive on my windows system and I create that drive.

After that my instructor suyog sir help me to install that ubntu system this was my first experience of installing the operating system and finally ubntu start on my laptop.

But in this system the internet drives was missing so my ubntu system could not be connected to the internet ,so there was one another task in front of me i.e install the internet drive on system.

My laptop is registerd on my brothers name i.e Abhijit and thats why the name of the system is abhijit -lenovopad etc ,in starting there is some problem with cloneing so from my laptop i couldnt push.I did all procedure that time of installing git .but some issue created at the time cloning and that take several time to solve .there is one more Abhijeet in our lab who doing fab academy with me and i push my website from his laptop several time.but now i push my website from my a/c and from my laptop also I solve my cloning problem I add the screenshot of my push