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Mechanical Design

22_03 to 29_03 2017

Group Assigment a)Design a machine (mechanism+automation), including the end effector b) Build the passive parts and operate it manually c) Document the group project and your individual contribution

Academy files

09_Week work:
This week in this group assigment, we divide the tasks to be able to advance in the defined dates. For my part and for my experience in design, I made the Fab Lab Veritas group website, and made the designs in 2D, after a group brainstorming period where the sketches were made and the proposals were proposed.

Rhino, Ilustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC

MDF 3mm/ PLA filament

Group Assigment:

Group Web


I Use a Bootstrap template, which will adapt to our requirements. The page is a scroll, where the contents are divided by information about the Fab Lab, information of the students, the group assigment, divided into two groups with different machine designs and information about the facilities in our Fab Lab in Costa Rica, with A small showreel inserted in a video. I had to design the MTM internal pages, to be able to insert in photographic and audio-visual content, which we made in a group.


In the assigment group, We think of an automated machine to water the plants, where the shaft with a hose was changed by coordinates established by propramation. For its realization we disassemble an old 3d machine, and we separated the pieces, making an inventory of the materials obtained. The idea is use the CoreXY theory tells us that we can move a head in the X and Y axes using 2 fixed motors and a system of pulleys with ropes. We decided to use this theory for the movement of the machine