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Computer-Controlled Machining

08_03 to 13_03 2017

1. Make something big

Academy files

07_Week work:
My goal for this week was to do something big, and different, making a piece of furniture based on a song, so that you can have your favorite music at home reflected in the decoration of the house.

Illustrator CC, 123Dmake, Corel draw, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper with firefly plugin, OpenSCAD (3D CAD modeller), ArtCAM.

RedSail MI325A details

MDF 9 mm / 1/4” (6.35 mm) drill

Drive files:
Download week work

Archive files:

Designing furniture with Rhinoceros + Grasshopper :
My purpose was to get real-time sound waves in 3D modeling to be able to apply in this assigment with a CNC router. To do this I followed the steps of a tutorhop of grasshopper, and I had to download the Firefly plugin to be able to do it. I Apply several tutorials to make the structure I wanted, but for the complexity of the waves, I always had some open part and could not turn it into solid. Finally I had to choose to export the piece as a solid in .stl.

FabAcademy_2017_Soundwaves from Montserrat on Vimeo.

123D Make:
When I already had the piece in .stl it was easier to render the file needed to send to the Cnc router. To do this use the software 123D make, which allows you to divide the piece depending on the technique you choose in different layers and with a numbered map for the assembly.But the file was not valid for the bit, and I had to modify each of the pieces so that the bit could pass correctly.

ArtCam and RedSail MI325A:
I must setting the file to cut with the machine with de Art Cam Software. I choose first the final depth when the drill ends. Next step is select the drill, and the material setup, in this case was 2 passes on a line, the first of 4.5mm of depth and the next one of 5mm in MDF of 9mm. When arrive the moment to cheching the toolpath, happens a failure, one of the object its have open lines. I change the file in the art cam like a fifteen times, trying to undestand the mistake, I use Corel draw and Rinhoceros but nothing change. Finaly I decid export the toolpath withaout one of the pieces.

Learning ti use the RedSail, for me was very predictive, because is the same proces like the mini CNC machine. I set the z, x and y like a Origin in the place I choose to start the routering and I saved in home. Late start the movement with the run button, previusly I select the file with a .nc and the cut process start. Finally I have the pieces ready, less one of them.

Well, to be honest was a caos, assamble this piece, because I wan´t write the number of the pieces in the wood, for the esthetic and I can´t recognize the order of the pieces, even it had the file with the reference numbers. But finally I was able to assemble the pieces following the size of the waves. The result I liked quite a bit, because it was an experimental assigment, and I achieved the goal I wanted when moving the music to a piece of furniture. I have to thank Cesar Cruz for his great patience in helping me assemble the pieces.