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Interface and Application Programming

17_05 to 24_05 2017

Write an application that interfaces with an input &/or output device that you made,comparing as many tool options as possible

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16_Week work:

Processing, Scracht, Arduino

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cymaticmirror.ino/ heart_processing.pde/

This week we had an instructional processing class with Esterlyn. To make us understand the concept of the program we started working with scrach to see the behavior of the images through different schedules. Then we went to work with the processing software with which we did several visualization exercises.

  • Excercises
    We use different code, to learn how to make geometric shapes, color changes, and even change the background of the screen. These exercises made us understand how the code worked and for later those forms can be modified, through an input, that receives from the software arduino one.

    Finally and after many tests the sendor that I have selected for the project has been AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor. Use as a basis the example of Sparfunk indicated for the sensor, the problem is that the electrical impulses are very changing and could not define a continuous form in the liquid. So I needed to process the data using a Fabduino and be able to delay the input time. The digital network is programmed so that the sensor does not receive information stops with "no tone" and when it receives data "tone" emitting a continuous frequency, to which I can modifical the delay, in this case it is in 2 seconds of delay.

  • Heart Rate Monitor + Fabduino:
    I connected the input AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor, to the arduino, to try of visualization the data in processing software. I use a osciloscopy draw to show the heartbeats, in a real time.

  • Code:
    The code I use in the cymatic machine its cymaticmirror.ino/ , and Opened it in the arduino one software, then opened the processing, and read the serial data that had been uploaded to the fabduino. Once the processing was opened, I could not see anything, due to a serial problem. Change serial 0 to 2. And finally the visualization started. But the waves were not sufficiently wide, so I was changing parameters, of the code inByte = map (val, 300, 500,100, height); The parameters that the Arduino was reading were between 300 and 500 so limit the values ​​to these figures. But I did not get big changes or variables. The final code I use was heart_processing.pde/