avana LLC

Machine Design

04_04 to 12_04 2017

Group Assigment: a)Automate your machine b)Document the group project and your individual contribution

Academy files

11_Week work:
This week in this group assigment, the objective is make it move following the diagram of CORE XY theory

Rhino, Ilustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC, Arduino IDE

Stepper motor (17hd4063 05n) / Stepper motor driver (A4988)

Drive files:
Download week work

Archive files:
watermachine.ino / watermachine2.ino

Group Assigment:

Group Web


This week I finished the web design, completing the photos and videos than we need for the group presentation. I have several problems to refresh the page, and upload the documents. Finally I can´t actualize some texts and videos. I´m trying resolve that problems in the git. The page is up to date with all the new data.

After making the changes in the code and practically re-raise the design of the machine. We managed to get the engine to draw the water through the pipe making the 6 positions we had marked on the x and y axes. It was a complicated process because we started from an idea that had not been realized, and we had almost more errors than right ones.

This time I made the video and the recordings of the different tests and failures, to be able to generate a final video in which the correct operation of the machine was seen and also the process we performed. The video has a part of text that explains the meaning of each movement.


We have discard the original idea with the core XY, chanching a head stepper with the new mechanism the X-axis stepper moves on the Y-axis. Juan Carlos makes a test with an arduino code, (this code are in download file). Finally we used arduino, because with th aTtiny 46 the motor not works.