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Output Devices

29_03 to 05_04 2017

Add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something

Academy files

10_Week work

Eagly, Arduino, Art camp.

Mac, Mini Machine

Components 1:
3 pines 4x2, 2 capacitor 1uf.

Components 2:
APAM8403 Mini 5V Audio Amplifier Board With Switch Potentiometer/ 1 mosfet/ 1 regulator/ 1 capacitor 10uf/ 1 resistor 499ohm/ 1 green led/ 1 resistor 0.01ohm/ 4 pines 2x1/ pines 11x1.

Drive files:
Downloads week work

Archive files:
output_speaker.brd / output_speaker.sch / output_amplifier.brd / output_amplifier.sch / output_amplifier.png

Output Board 1, Failured:
First I did the programming test with a speaker and a button, to change the frequency, by pressing the button. Once I understood how it worked, design it at Eagle. Agjuntando the necrar components of the library to be able to generate the board for the cut in the mini CNC machine. The plate was very simple so it seemed easy to fix. But I did not have the drill to make the drill, and I decided to solder the pins directly on the plate. These pins did not weld well, and they took off very easily pulling off the tracks with them.

So I decided to make another type of output needed for my final project and not continue with the speaker and the button.

Output Board 2:
This board is a very important piece for the project, since it is essential to generate the waves in the liquid to amplify the input signal. So design a board that could fit the PAM8403 Mini 5V Audio Amplifier Board With Switch Potentiometer.

The diagram consists of input input, to receive the data, amplifying it to two output outputs one for right and one for left, the amplifier is powered with 9v, so there is also an input for the pontencia.

Heart Rate Monitor + Audio Amplifier:
Finally I connected the amplifier to an input AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor, and the output to a speaker to be able to obtain the electrical impulses of the amplified body that could be audible. First objective covered for the project, make the invisible visible or audible.