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Principles and practices

Project management

25_01 to 30_01 2017

1. Plan and sketch a potential final project 2. Build a personal site in the class archive describing you and your final project

Academy files

01_Week work:
My goal in this week is recognize de HTML lenguaje. Was so interenting for me to learn a new type of codes, visualizing what happens when you moves de codes. My process was search a bootstrap free template and change the code with the sublime text. I try to chose a template the most simple and easy to understand in it use. Its an a responsive template, that thing was so usefull to use in the mobile device. The web organization is divided in 3 items "Work" for the weeks assignment and as well as my "Contact" and "About"

The workflow of my site would be as follows: The page would be comprised of the template entitled Avana, the home page image loading effect & hover effects is Codrops.

Free Bootstrap Themes & Templates, Ilustrator, Photoshop, Sublime text , Git

Tutorial 1

My goal for this project was to somehow be able to visualize the invisible things. For years I have worked with sound and I knew that I wanted to work with frequencies and forms. So, I thought how I could visualize the sound, but actually my question was ... how could I visualize my own sound? As you would be the frequency emitted by the human body. Clearly each individual vibrates at different frequencies .. would it be possible to see the difference between them? Therefore, I finally decided that the way to see these forms or these frequencies could be through cymatica. With these ideas is how started the entire development of the project.

What is cymatic?
Cymatics, from Greek: κῦμα, meaning "wave", is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. The term was coined by Hans Jenny (1904-1972), a Swiss follower of the philosophical school known as anthroposophy. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste or liquid.[1] Different patterns emerge in the excitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency.

The project consists in making visible the frequencies that the human body emits, through the cymatica. The project is divided into phases: 1- Measure the date. 2- Process it. 3- Send it to the speaker. The speaker is placed on a platform, where a camera will be connected that will emit the image of the cymatica by means of a projector.


    I used the AVANA template, because it seemed the best way to show the weekly works in a simple and clean way. For the edition of the page I have used the software Sublime, where you can access from the side menu to all the folders on the page and it has been very easy for me to modify text and images.

  • Git Hub Repository:

    Creating Git Hub:
    1. Create a folder in any location of computer, I choose administrator and the folder name is "git_fablabveritas".

    2. Open Terminal located in Applications and set up my user and email account typing:

    git config --global user.name "user name"

    git config --global user.email "user email"

    3. Open the terminal to locate in the repositor folder: cd fablabveritas

    4. Created the SSH key that allows me to establish a secure connection between my computer and GitLab following the command in Terminal:

    cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "user email"

    cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

    5. Copy and paste the SSH key in my user profile SSH Key menu.

    Git Hub Repository:

    Push and Refresh:
    To upload the files to the repository:

    1. Make a local copy of the repository typing the command in Terminal:

    git clone git@git.fabacademy.org:fabacademy2017/fablabveritas.git

    2. Copy the new files in the folder 158, in the admintrator inside FablabVeritas folder:

    cd fablabveritas

    cd students

    cd 158

    3. To upload the files to the repository add in the terminal:

    git add .

    git commit -m "type a message here, the day and time, for example"

    git push origin master

    4. When I try refresh my Git, normally I need clone all the content there are in the general folder, for this reason I use this commands to clone just my folder:

    git fetch origin

    git rebase origin/master

    git push origin master