Applications and Implications

The purpose of this week is to answer some vital questions for the future concerning our final project.

  • What will it do?
  • My goal is to make a prosthetic arm which people with a missing limb (specifically the part of the forearm until the hand) can use it. The hand will be moving according to the electrical signal that will receive from the myosensor which will be attached to the biceps of the patient.

  • Who's done what beforehand?
  • There are multiple open projects for amputees that work in different ways. Some of them are:

    Brunel Hand
    Ada V1.1

    Although, most of the above consist only of the hand and not the forearm.

  • What materials and components will be required? Where will they come from? How much will it cost?
  • The system consists of the electronics part and the material part or otherwise the structure:

    Component Name Tutorial Datasheet Cost
    MyoWare Muscle Sensor
    Micro Servo
    Servo Motors
    Power Bank Battery ---- ---- 9.99€

    The total cost of the Electronics parts including the whole production of the pcb and the 5 servos instead of the proce of one listed above, which was needed for my project is roughly 80€.


    The materials used were filament for most of the structure, silicon for the palm so that the grip is stronger, a fishing line for the movement of the fingers (attached from the tip of the finger to the motors) and acrylic for the minor details inside the structure of the forearm.

    All the materials mentioned apart from the fishing line that was bought from a local fishing shop can be found in the fab lab.

    Lastly, I would estimate that the prosthetic arm including the materials used for the structure and the electronics would cost a little less than 120€!!

  • What parts and systems will be made?
  • The whole structure of the arm and forearm, the minor details in it, the PCB will be made in the fablab. Apart from the electronics part that require to be purchased and the fishing line that I bought, everything else will be made.

  • What processes will be used?
  • The processes to be used will be: 2D and 3D Design, laser cutting, 3D printing, molding and casting, electronics design and production, input and output devices, embedded programming.

  • What tasks need to be completed?
  • Apart from the PCB, I only have the design of my project. So, the whole structure needs to be printed, laser cut and mold and casted. Also, the code needs also to be written.

  • What questions need to be answered?
  • The most important questions that needs to be answered for me would be if my prosthetic hand will be able to grab at least a small bottle of water.

  • What is the schedule?
  • Up to 12th of June I would like to have the whole structure ready to put together and up to the 14th of June, I would like my hand to be functioning properly or else working.

  • How will it be evaluated?
  • It will be evaluated by the functionality of the structure (as the servo motors will be inside the forearm, they should have enough space to move freely inside), the ability of it to grab things like a bottle or a tape etc. and last but not least the functionality of the hardware and the software.