Final Project: FABulous Photobot

Project idea

Photobooths have become very popular for weddings, birthday parties and the like because they are obviously great fun.

image Photobooth From Photobooth...

Still, after a while shots may look very similar, so I thought about how could the concept be more flexible in terms of a shot's perspective?. My solution is to put the camera on a mobile robot platform, so I can adjust the perspective of the photo by using my smartphone. It would be possible to take a picture from a lower or higher angle due to the adjustable shaft on which the camera sits. It should also be possible to tilt or move the camera, just like a real photographer would. As a stretch goal, I would like to trigger the photo with a gesture (hands forming a frame). The position and angles of photobot shall be controlled via the smartphone. Ideally, the live camera image would be visible on the screen as well - this helps adjusting to the right position. An LED light in the form of a ring around the object lens would indicate a countdown to prepare for the picture once the trigger is pushed (5, 4, 3, 2, 1... flash!).

image FinalProject_FirstDraft Photobot

Plan A

I will try to integrate the manufacturing of the components into the weekly assignments. This involves:

1. The camera module:

2. The drive module:

3. The shaft: