Applications and Implications Develop a project plan

what will it do?

I will build a remote driven dog harnest. The harnest translate remote commands into haptic feedback. Additionally the harnest has a magazine based dispenser for dog food rewards. The commands are submitted by an iOS application.

who has done what beforehand?

In my research I only found dog collars, that punish dogs by electric shocks and citrus spray into their face. This is exactly the opposite of what I want to do in this project. This collars are controlled by bark noise detection of by an R/F remote controller.

This project deals with positive manipulation and rewards instead of punishment.There was no similar project I found on the web.

what materials and components will be required?

All the parts of the project are based on assignments I've done in the fabacademy. They are mostly improved versions of the parts I created here.

where will they come from?

how much will it cost?

what parts and systems will be made?

The final project will be consist of multiple parts an systems.

what processes will be used?

what tasks need to be completed?

what questions need to be answered?

Is it possible to build the project small enough that everything can be carried by the dog comfortable. Also we have to find out if the dog will be able to use this harness and will understand what she has to to when the harness is vibrating.Y

what is the schedule?

Due to my visit at the Fab13 my deadline is the 9.7

how will it be evaluated?

I will try to familiarize my dog with the harnest. After she will accept it I will start to train the commands beside the normal commands and will also trigger the haptic feedback motors. When she knows what the commands are for I will stop talking to her and will try to use only the vibration commands. Also I use the reward dispenser and will test how she accept the mechanism or if she is able to steel the rewards before she should get them.