or distance trainer or whatever...

Hey, let me introduce you to my upcoming final project. I want to develop a remote driven dog guidance machine. For a long time I am interested in stuff that could help disabled animals in their daily life. After seeing a lot of wheelchairs for animals and distance rails for blind animals I asked myself what could I do to help those animals.

This is where this Idea was born. I sometimes meet people who says their dog is too old and cannot hear anymore. So this dogs are forced to stay on their dog lead because they don't hear when their master told them to return to them. So, why not teach them instead to feel different haptic feedback on their collar or some other wearable. And when going that step why not go further and add a remote reward feeder.

This should give deaf dogs back the ability to follow command. This could also be good for healthy dogs for their distance training. When a dog do something good, why waiting for him zu return to his master to give him a reward? Why not give him a reward from a distance.

Project sketch

Exchangeable food magazine sorry, I'm not good on sketches by hand

Food magazine sketch

This is the first idea how the design the interchangeable magazine for the final project. It should be a part laser cutted out of wood.

standing on a car