Who I am I am a Florian Paproth. I was born in 1984 and grew up with DOS, Point & Click adventures and a dad who builds electrical circuits in his free time. Best time was building stuff with my friend that we found in the garage. So we ended up building a skateboard train that was connected with elastic bands. One hour later my arm was broken but building such stuff was always fun.
Who I am now I become a scientific research assistant at the Hochschule Ruhr West after my bachelor's degree. I studied computer science and worked for some years until I start to work at our university of applied science. Beside my work here I started to study again and hoping to become a Master Informatik later.
What I like I like to take a walk with my dog. Furthermore I like to work on my historical VW T3 Bus. I also like retro gaming and collect all the good old stuff from the past for my gaming room at home.
Why FabAcademy When saw the FabLab at our university I was overwhelmed about all the possibilities this room offers me. I changed my unit inside the university to become a part of all this. I really looking forward to the FabAcademy course to become better at every part of my own building abilities and hope to meet people who like the philosophy as much as I do.
E-Mail florian.paproth@hs-ruhrwest.de
twitter gokugiant
Thats me Me and a friend of mine.