MechanicalDesign 2

After Output Devices assignment. We could continue with or machine design. As I told before, the main idea of our machine was the combination of using a kit-a-part building system Makerbeam and individually manufactured applications like holdings for motors or trapezoid thread.

I want to emphasize how importand it is to submit oneself to a kit-a-part system to be able to find freedom designing with it and in a highly creative way designing for it. If one is not able to go along with it, he or she will work against the system the whole way, and will not be satisfied.

The experiment

  1. A system wants to be 'handled' with:if I design an object only by drawings or renderings, I will never be able to understand it properly and will be more trapped by designing in a very narrow way. To understand a building system I have to let my hands think!
  2. One goal was to get a clear and simple amount of different elements, not too many different pieces.
  3. The adaptions should speak the same system language but in the same time be definitely not part of the system. Makes it easy to understand.

plane plane plane plane
plane plane plane plane plane

Problems and Vernier Adjustments

Now, I had to do vernier adjustments. By it's nature a kit-a-part system has quite a lot assembling spots. Especially a srew assembling system. The problem was here, that we started to build up and design in same time without understanding the system completly. That means we forced the system through assembling in not proper raster. Additionally, the different brackets weren´t not precise in catch. The angle with equal arms is half a millimeter bigger then the one with a shorter arm. The mixture of it led to an aslope structure. Also I had to fill up some distances like flat washer to adjust the z-axis to bearings. It was a lot of work.


The rough structure is build up in 20% of time. 80% of time you need for vernier adjustments, to get it workable and professional.

Below you can see both ball-bearing constructions:


Please see below test for z-axis and for y-axis:

Please find below the download files for all holders:

CentralHolderP1 Fusion360
CentralHolderP1 stl
CentralHolderP2 Fusion360
CentralHolderP2 stl
Trapezoidholder Fusion360
Trapzoidholder stl
Motorholder Fusion360
Motorholder stl