Mechanical Design

This is a group assignment. Some how we didnĀ“t devide our assignment in three proper pieces. We just went into our workshop and start working together. We were just shure about two points: CNC-Milling-Machine and trying to sketch the frame and mechanical parts with maker beams and additional technical parts and through milling, turning 3Dprinting missing parts. It came out as very inspiring and effective. All of us thought about design and machanics and started to build and draw and test together and across and helping each other. I can recomment this way of real !Design Thinking!

Building a working frame for cnc- milling machine

First drawings and thinking through building.




We set the frame and thought about our sliding system.

starting frame

We decided to build our own slidingsystem with ball-bearings.


Our trapezoidal threads, which we want to use, will be fixed through individual designed 3d-printed hanger.


Objects designed in Fusion came out quite precise, only a bit of post-processing. The nuts for trapezoidal threads fit in nearly perfectly.



Building the z-axis. The main idea keeping the number of different components low, makes it simpler for building up but for the construction more difficult, as we had to figure out how to move the z-axis easy and save with an trapezoidal thread spindle. We decided to fix the spindle central. What happens? Now, we have a case like framestructure sliding with ball bearings on the horizontal y-tracks. Also, this case will be used as the socket for moving the z-axis.The stepper-motor for the z-axis will move not only the milling cutter but also itself up and down. Betwixt seized slides a vertikal case frameconstruction holding the stepper motor on the top and the spindel motor at the bottom.



Holdings for z-axis motor and spindle
Thoughts and sketches about holdings: They will be 3d printed out. pulled_up_z_axis