My Railbot



I consider Railbot as my starting point for further developments and research in walking and shifting robots. It is a long entertained wish for me to be able to get deeper into this kind of knowledge. As the barrier to learn these topics is in general still high, may be because of fear of contact with high technology or may be because of missing simple didactic languages, one aim is to develop didactic packages out of it.
Now, there is a time before Fabacademy and a time after Fabacademy for me. Before, I hardly had any knowledge about html, electronic components or electronics design at all, and embedded programming. It was a very, very tough time learning with tutorials I´ve found in internet nearly 10 hours every day for five month. I've learned to learn in a very fast and effective way, I've got a deeper glimps into the technical fields like electronics and programming and I've got an idea of didactic tools I would like to develop, now.