Exercise 2

Computer Aided Design

2D design

Inkscape is aopen source vector graphics editing software The software is a powerful graphics software, and can fully support SVG which can be used for laser cut. So I decided to use Inkscape.

Finally, I designed my robot in Inkscape. In order to make it three-dimensional, I try to use gradient fill.

3D design

I have no experience of 3D design. So I try to find a software which is easy to learn. Tinkercad is an easy-to-use 3D CAD design tool.It is based on web. It is convenient for me to use it. I can export imprort documnet in form of stl, obj and svg. I Found it difficult for me to draw some complicated part of robot like hair and mouse. Lucily , it can import svg which can be made in Inkscape. I drew them in Inkscape and import them into Thinkercad. Although they are 2D, I can switch them into 3D in Thinkercad.

Final Result: