Exercise 1

Principles and Practices, Project Management

Web Design

This website is based on the Fab Academy Template by Massimo Menichinelli (links in the footer). I used the Brackets editor to fill it with my content. Brackets is simple, elegant and fast! It's not so much view or panel, not too many fancy features. Brackets provides live preview. There is no need for me to manually refresh the page when I use Chrome browser to open the page and modify the HTML, CSS, JavaScript code. The modified contents will immediately response to the page in the browser.

In order to make it clear, I decided to add an affix. After adding affix, you can switch to the content you interested in quickly. They will start at a certain location. When a tag is clicked, the affix will be locked in a position that will not roll along with the rest of the page.


Git is an open source distributed version control system.It can process various project managemens effectively. One of features of git is that it can merged changes made by one team. It is very convenient for a team to work together. Althought I am just working on my own, I can make use of some features like version control, external data storage, and track of progress.

I am using the Github and the sourcetree to upload my code. As an open source library and version control system, Github has more than 9 million developers. With more and more applications moving to the cloud, Github has become the first choice for managing software development and discovering existing code. Although GitHub is very powerful, the use of command line operation is tedious. So I've been looking for a GUI to use GitHub easily. I was fortunate to find the SourceTree. I can use simple operation to control git ,use trees to visually manage various branches and submit code.

Project Concept

As a girl loving dancing, I decided to design a robot which can dance. Following is my plan.

In my design, the robot's body will be spherical which is easy to make by 3D printing. Also it has a head, 2 legs and 2 arms. Inside the body is one chip and 4 motor Corresponding to legs and arms. The chip is designed to control the 4 motor and let the robot dance. One of the challenges is how to design the chip and circuit. I need to design a sophisticated machine to let the robot dance gracefully.