Fablab Aachen @ Fabacademy

Group Assignment

Week 05: 3D Scanning and Printing

This week we got the following tasks:

  • Test the design rules for your printer(s) (in group)
  • Design and 3D print an object (small, few cm) that could not be made subtractively (individually).
  • 3D scan an object (and optionally print it) (individually).

Our Setup

Which printers we have, which we used. Also talk about filament (normal kind, support kind, ...)

Ultimaker 2+
Ultimaker 2+
Ultimaker 3 Extended
Ultimaker 3 Extended

General 3D printing process steps: (Paulina)

  • Depending on printer sent file, (how & which file/software)...
  • Adjusting buildplate
  • Changing filament
  • The print itself
  • Possible problems
  • Retrieving the print.

Design Rule Testing

First what is it & how to measure it?

Our process ... (designs, mistakes, etc.)

Our results ... (different materials)

Our test piece