Steven Fett

Hello I am Steven Fett. I am the new Fab Lab Instructor at CITC Fab Lab Anchorage Alaska. I used to work in IT, then descovered the joy of making. I helped co-found the Anchorage Maker Space, and have an obsession with CNCs and making in general.

Sam Guzauskas

My name is Sam Guzauskas and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I have little experience with the type of machinery we will be using so I can't wait to learn and gain a bunch of knowledge.

Ki Fredeen

Hello, I am an 11th grader attending school in Anchorage, Alaska. I am a member of FTC team 3492 ZipTies and enjoy the software design we conduct there. I have worked in the CITC FabLab for the past two years, and I look forward to extending my knowledge of the machinery here and it's applications.

Kadin Feldis

My name is Kadin. I'm a High School student from Anchorage, Alaska. I have always been interested in building, with projects like my boat. I also enjoy volunteering in the Alaska Fab Lab and working with AVR micro-controllers.

Steven Crawford

Hi there, I signed up to fab academy after watching my unresolved CNC machine building projects start rusting in the garden. My interest in digital technology began during an appled arts degree program, where my final research essay and studio work explored the asthetic or lack of asthetics associated with it.



Wendy Neale

I am a designer/maker, mostly focussed on Furniture design. I have a traditional woodworking background (handmade dovetails, etc) and have become very interested in the combination of digital and traditional fabrication, using them both in my work for the last ten years.

Craig Hobern

Hi Folks, I'm Craig. I have a background in interactive media design, and enjoy tinkering with electronics and code. When I’m not making (and breaking) things at Fab Lab Wgtn I enjoy local craft beers, fishing and tramping.