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2016 Students

Dennis Conner
The Gregory School FabLab

Machine Building Week 9 & 10

The goal of the machine building assignment is to become familiar with modular CNC machines.
For this assignment, a CNC hot wire machine was constructed.

For insight in the process, refer to the documentation on Dennis Conner's student pages.


  • A 2-axis CNC machine seems like a manageable time commitment.
  • This machine was chosen because it is simple enough to use the stages in future machines.
  • The lab needs a large hot wire device/machine. While the future of this machine may not be CNC, it still may find a future purpose.(There is no way the motors won't eventually be scavenged.)
  • I really liked a machine that can be used in the lab and the functionality of previous CNC hot wire cutters on FabAcademy.
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    Dennis Conner
    The Gregory School FabLab
    Tucson, AZ