The idea of this project arose because Ivan was 6 years old when his uncle gave her a game which was a wooden board with spikes in wich you can make figures with rubber bands. This project wants to resume this type of recreational games for children to see how the games can go hand in hand with technology and can evolve with these customs without leaving aside.




however, to do this it requires a complex end actuator for holding and moving the rubber bands.



Therefore, another idea to use the same principle, which involves placing colored pipes to create figures.



First, the structure was made in mdf for strength and easy assembly, based on the example of FabAcademy




The main problem was the actuator to place the tubes were inexpensive and easy to perform, raising the idea of generating friction and gravity let them fall to the base.




The actuator is composed of a tube, a plastic and 3 parts acrylic to place tubes



Even lacking improvements in control for measuring the position and achieve correctly move the actuator without the tubes fall out, but the project is working as expected.