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Enrico Cacciapuoti


Graduated in Architecture in Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” with a thesis regarding a new proposal for Salerno airport terminal. Since my childhood, I have felt myself a maker: playing with legos, wood, simple electric circuits and having fun with rc airplanes and helicopter models. During my university career I started to be interested in 3d modeling, computational design, 3d printing, responsive architecture and airport terminal design. I also have found a startup, which name is FuzzLab, creating, producing and selling worldwide more than 500 supports for technological devices. I love to travel and to attend to different courses and workshops. In love with aviation, I am a private pilot and young architect whose dream is to work with airport terminal design, applying the principles of generative architecture and digital fabrication in large scale.

Michele Turco


I was born in Maddaloni, near Caserta, Italy in 1982. After Completing my studies in Electonics and Comunications I collaborated with different companies of Sales, Computer Companies, and telephony companies. Despite work, I continued my studies, enrolling at the Faculty of Social Science at Federico II of Naples, in "Digital Cultures and Communication".

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Fiore Basile