Week 14



Our coupon test (aka golden tickets) were a big fail. Causes? Well humidity is the most probable cause but we haven't figured it out yet.

I was expecting wonka's ticket and what I got was a wet pile of burlap. I texted both, 5 and 10 layers. Then wanted to see how diagonal layers worked out once dried but the test did not help much..


Since we're a small country variety is not what's available for makers. this is the resin we will be using for this assignement.


I wanted to do a couple of tests. The first one base on hyperbolic paraboloids and capacity of a curvy material to keep a coeficient between thickness and lengh similar to paper. How? By bending and reinforcing the structure.

There's a pretty well known Uruguayan engineer, Eladio Dieste, that did taht quite a lot with brick. Pretty cool.

The picture above is from a church in Atlántida, Uruguay.


So first test design was based on Dieste's -and many others- principles. Model was pretty basic, just some curves extruding to a point and the getting mirrored to generate a surface.

This is a prototype mainly in terms of scale (!!!!) meaning the wave amplitude that can be reached is way bigger that 2.5cm.

Future testers: change height and wisth relationship. I sticked to a bisc test but I think it can be "funly" developed further. Meaning: changing values and still keeping a pattern, but a more complex an with more variations one.

I milled in the cnc two sides of the mold to get a pressed piece. (Note I used the coupon text thickness to created the 2-pieced mold. Then cuttered-out the unwanted borders. (milling the whole piece is sure prettier and tider but it's late.

why cutting them? Well I designed them to press a 4 layer thick of burlop with resin. At least the test worked for something.

Then I set the work table and mixed resin with catalizador (100gr resin 25 catalizador drops). Then started to lay layers and resin. I only did a 5 layer test since that was the thickness I had planned. If size is doubled layers can be too :).

Make sure to press the hell out of your mold.

Outcome was decent taken into consideration I did not vacum and pressed it manually :S. The rigidity of the piece was way better than what I expected. The thickness and length of the piece relationshep was well achieved. I would like to to some ressistance (strength tests cause it looks it can support efforts in both directions.

See the shiny coat of resin on some crests? Not good.

Profile looks good. Will need to trim some of the edges that got attacked by resin. Can't wait to test thin into a larger scale.


Totally different test based on lost formwork ("encofrado perdido") meaning mold is caged during the procces and cannot be removed afterwords as in thiscool surf shop.

I modeled an elipse and edited its contour with cage edit. (I fisrt tryed many, many other ways to modify the surface but they were not as smooth as this one)

Got the countour and used grasshopper to easy vary the thickness of the model.

I tryed to do the contour at 45 degrees but keeping it orthogonal was easier to make the model parametric since X and y axis vetpr are predetermined.

I have started to lasercut the pieces but have not finished yet:

Haven't finish this test. Will do someday.

Hello visitor. You can download all the working files I created this week here.

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