Week 07

Computer Controlled machining

Bachellor#1: Tangram Puzzle

I milled a 3d puzzle (3d tangram) in wood, the same one i developed for my moulding and casting week. Below the 3d model and how I layed it out in the piece of wood that was available (thank you Mato for the woody gift).

And below how pieces were layed out before exporting the .stl file. i had to adjust the pieces height proportionally.

CNC settings were developed in Aspire.

Bachellor #2: Base

Second bachellor was a more boring one but one I did for a specific need in a coffee shop. I developed a base/support for a glass box in order to exhibit bread.I should have made the set "jointable", I know.

Below the 3 parts getting milled:

Here's the wood base with the glass box on top of it:

And another one...

Bachellor #3: Tables

I am currently developing a couple of tables inspired with the joint I designed in the 3rd week.

Here are the holes:

I love Key joints, and you, visitor.

Above the jointed modeled pieces. Below the assembled Round Key Table.

It's so unreasonable we live in a digital world and keys keep existing for opening doors. Don't take me wrong , I love keys and their mechanism, I have even got one tattooed. Still I am fan of the mechanism, not of the fact that we use it to open doors.

Joints did work ok. They twist OK and were inserted in the initial slot ok. However, some forcing did ocurr when twisting the joint and removing it from the slot. Which is weird, particularly when from removing it from the slot since it fits quite smoothly.

Hello visitor. You can download all the working files (schematic and board) of this week here.

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