Week 05

3D printing and scanning



First time 3d printing? Same for me. The info below may be usefull. Stratasys long but highly recommended tutorial for begginers.

Ale, our local 3D printing guru gave shared (thanks) 3d printing basics and walk us through printing machines we've got at the lab. Multimaker, multimaker two will be the ones we will used.


First -group- assignement: testing local machine printing performance. Not much creativity needed here: we downloaded a model from thingiverse and got the printer ready to print it.

FabAcademy_Week05_TortureTest from mercedes on Vimeo.

Below both, printed test and review on printed result.

My concern was testing slenderness. I guess this is a kind of mix between two parameters.


Former Bachelor. Test ONE

I know I gave up on the chessboard as a final project BUT since I will be stil playing chess and my second and third weeks were (partially) about modeling chess pieces I decided to design model and print the whole set.

NOTE: not every piece will be a substraction printed piece since I used for many the revolve principle to be generated. Only King Queen and horse cannot be made substractively.

Here's my first baby pawn borning, note how the model sticked quite well to the plate. This is because I cleaned out the plate and spread some hairspay (we really use that in our local lab)

My concern was slenderness not in vain, he was almost decapitated.

Two main reasons to prtin this again: the head of course and the recessed cylinder at the base.

What I may have to update in the model y the reccessed cylinder at the base of the piece. I am sad, I don't want to do it. Will do varoius tests before getting rid of that.

Former Bachelor. Test TWO

I printed again the same piece with a better quality, this means: made layers thiner (from 2 to 1.4), rise the wall thickness (from 0.6 to 0.85) and slightly increase the infill density (from 25 to 30%)

I didnt event let the print finish since que quality was not approaching to the desired one.

NOTE TO SELF: try printing the model upside down. If so I wont need to get rid of the recessed cylinder at the base. The head of the pawn will however be kind of flat.

Former Bachelor. Test THREE

I left this printing overnight and model a couple of options for each piece. In this way I will have two pieces with minor model differences and will be able to compare the outcome more decently.

Below my final version. The model changed very little, I adjusted some of the slenderness values and created the remaining pieces.

The result wasn't as good as I expected. Probably because of que low quality of the setting and the thicknes of the layer:

The horses did look good though:

What I changed fot the next 3D printing was adding a hand made support cause I 've reaized using the automatic cura suports are great but cannot be controlled as much as I would like.

Buiding my own supports was a must and I owe the idea to Ale. Thanks.


Mmost of my pieces have an axial simmetry and are conceived with a curve or path and a revolve axis.This means they could have been made substractively BUT in two parts, meaning one side first, the relocating the piece and milling the other side.

Fot the pieces that have a half simmetry (like the queen) exactly the same happens meaning: revolved pieces can be made substractive in one or two times depending on the revolving axis:

Current Bachelor: knitting

See my for more on this assignement.I did some filaflex (flexible) print and a string to hang my device arround your neck.


I am so the worst of the class this week. I 've started to do the scanning but have not manage to complete it .. yet. Below a teh pictures we took (with Santi, my fablab mate)

So far we tryed Remake from Autodesk and 123Catch but they did not work. I couldn't even made the program work on my computer. AGHHHHjdsjhdf;sdjfh;sdkjf.

I've also tryed an iphone App called trniowhich is not really precise for complex objects buy can do a quick scanning quite well.

Hello visitor. You can download all the working files of this week here.

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