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Fab Academy 2017

Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models


To be honest, from the beginning of the FabAcademy2017 I was planning to come up with a finished, good looking, ready to sell product!

I am still not sure what will I do with all this, but my plan is to start a KickStarter campaign, gain some more experience, improve the system, and try to commercialize it!

Because of my future plans, I am not quite sure which type of license I need! I would like to find a good balance between the OpenSource and a way to make profit!

Creative Commons is an American non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. Here I applied to choose a license for my work!

When choosing a license, I have to have an idea of What I want to protect, and From What. In my case, because I am planning to commercialize my system, I would not like if someone does it for me) that is why, I want to protect my idea and the system from being commercialized by someone else

On the other hand, I want people to find out about my work, and also get involved in it. It is also kind of advertising, ist't it?) That is why, I want people to be able to share my work with others, and even improve it, but should always mention my credentials

Going through different licenses, such as MIT License, I got the feeling that it is too general, not really protecting what I want, that is why not suitable for me

In the case of GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), this license is more for software. In my case, I am protecting more the hardware, rather than software.

After some research, I came up with my decision about the license that I want!

So, what it basically means is:

In the future, I may think about getting a patent for the system! Even though I do not think that it will be so helpful, I will take this decision later

I need to be better informed about all the legal things, ideally would be to find an experienced mentor, who will guide me through the whole process!

I strongly believe that the possible opportunities for the future of this product are endless! I am pretty sure that the GIY system could meet the interest of the market

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