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Applications and Implications


Think of your project plan as an ‘installation and implementation guide’ for the future. How will others be able to make your project by reading your documentation?

Answering the questions:

Grow It Yourself (GIY)

What will it do?

So, what I am trying to do is something like a box or incubator, which is able to create ideal climate conditions necessary for growth, providing exactly the amount of light and nutrients that a plant needs. I want to build a sunlight emulator, irrigation system, and climate controller wrapped into one elegant and modern design.

The main purpose of the system is to be able to grow HEALTHIER herbs/plants at a FASTER rate than the conventional systems

Who has done what beforehand?

Indoor growing systems are not new. There are many examples and variants out there, from simple windowsill grow boxes to warehouse-scale growing facilities.

Some nice examples of growing systems that already exist are:

Growing Underground

Growing Underground, London (photo: Growing Underground)

MIT OpenAg

OpenAg, MIT Media Lab (photo: MIT OpenAg)


Infarm, Berlin (photo: Philipp Langenheim, Fruende von Freunden)




A very nice research made by a former FabStudent Guillaume Teyssié, is on the topic of Aquaponics, and can be found Here

What materials and components will be required?       Where will they come from?       How much will it cost?

The system consists of two parts: The structure, here is included all the mechanical aspects, and the electronics, the brain and the sensors integrated in the system.


Component Name Tutorial DataSheet Cost
GIY Board (ATmega32u4) PinOut Atmel $4.30
Utrasonic Atomizer FogPonics Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Atomizer $9.95
DHT11 Humidity & Temperature Sensor Arduino Connect DHT11 $5.00
Graphic LCD 12864B Arduino Serial Manual $17.00
ESP2866 WiFi Module PinOut DataSheet $3.2
LDR Photoresistor Tutorial LDR $0.9
DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor) Tutorial DS18B20 $3.95
Logo pH Sensor v1.1 Tutorial --- $55.95
OSRAM LH-CPDP LED --- Ceramic LED $1.62

For the mechanical stucture I will use:

All materials are available in our stock at FabLab Kamp-Lintfort or have been ordered already. Total cost is estimated to be below 150 euro

What parts and systems will be made?

I will build the mechanical structure, build the waterproof water container, build the PCB board, and the LED light system. Basically all the parts except the ones that require electronic components which I purchased in advance

What processes will be used?

I am planning to use the following techniques:

At this point I am not quite sure If I manage to integrate the Molding & Casting, and Composites technique, but during the process, I will try my best to implement all the skills learned!

What tasks need to be completed?

The most important task is to eat the leafy greens that I will grow along the Fab Academy. I really want to show that my system is able to grow plants!

To be honest, at this point I do not have much done, but I possess the knowledge gained! I am confident about what I want, and more or less I know how to achive this, the only matter is the time!

Currently I have verified that all systems are working separately, but now I have to make the final PCB board, and integrate all the systems together

What questions need to be answered?

Timeeee.....will I manage to taste the plants from a fully working system before the deadline?)

What is the schedule?

Design and solder the final PCB - deadline 4th June

Program the board and integrate the sensors + LED lights - deadline 11th June

Finish the mechanical structure and Final Modifications - deadline 18th June

How will it be evaluated?

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