Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income


  • Create and document a license for your final project. Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project. Prepare a summary slide (presentation.png, 1280x1024) and video clip (presentation.mp4, 1080p HTML5, < ~minute, < ~10 MB) in your root directory

What should be done

  • Summarised two kinds of licences and explained why you chose one.
  • Imagined and outlined possibilities and described how to make them probabilities


This project is intended to be a base for other projects that needs a module to continuously scan and store high resolution images of a specimen.

There are many applications of this project. The most interesting one of them for me is the development of open-source lab equipments.

‘Open-hardware’ pioneers push for low-cost lab kit

I went to to understand more about the differences between available licenses.

I can't guarantee that I will be able to maintain this project completely an I want others to help me in this.

So, I considered the GNU GPLv3 license , which will allow others to contribute to the project, use it as a base for their projects and create other iterations of the project according to their needs without having to worry about intellectual property.

Then I reviewed the Fab license and found it much simpler and and as this project is supposed to be replicatable in Fab Labs so I think this will be better for this project.

Dissemination Plan

I watched the recitation done by Bio-Academy faculty and their lecture about (Open) Hardware for Engineering Biology and thought that this might be a good opportunity to use this project as a platform for students in this assignments or their final projects.

The project source files will be posted on Fabacademy's Gitlab at:

First I thought about using Github but found that Gitlab has some free features that would be helpful in this project like:

  • Internal Visibility Level:

    Which can be useful in limiting the access to the Fab Lab network which will create a better eco-system for the project's growth.

  • Groups:

    This will help create a concentrated community for the project and all other projects using it.

    I created a placholder group at: